About Us

The RWB Tour is a 501(3)C non-profit

Organization whose mission is simply this;
Raising awareness, support and permanent solutions for housing Homeless Veterans and their families through the power of music.  The Red, White and Blue Tour features the best that music has to offer, while remaining true to its ultimate mission of providing aid and assistance to Homeless Veterans. We are building a Farm for our Heroes to reside and provide resources to reintegrate back to society. NO ONE ELSE is doing the permanent solutions, are veterans will be coming through the VA must be clean and sober to enter the program, we are not a rehab facility.

Why do we do it?…
The words Homeless and Veterans should NEVER be used together in a sentence. THEY FOUGHT FOR HOMES,..NOW WE FIGHT FOR THEIRS! PTSD being the leading cause of Homelessness for our Veterans. 25% of the overall homeless population are U.S. Veterans. Up to 1600 Veterans live on the streets of the St. Louis Metropolitan area, including St. Charles County.

Your money will go directly to..
We have a very “hands on” approach with our Homeless Veterans here in St. Louis Assistance in location of PTSD and substance abuse programs.  Assistance to help the Veterans get the proper benefits they need.  Help Veterans locate housing via the Farm or residential housing.

We will provide security deposit, first months and last months rent.  We will furnish basic items for their home, such as furniture, appliances, accessories, clothing, personal items, etc..  We will provide job training and skills to reintegrate back into society while their stay at the Farm.  The things we have accomplished housing costs for Veterans, have permanently housed a camp of 12 people. I had went homeless on purpose to know what I was fighting for, we have helped many with food, clothing, bus passes etc, etc We are now stepping up to the next level. And we are excited about it. This Ranch will have the result of permanent housing, education, jobs skills, will have all rescued animals for our Veterans, and so much more when they complete their stay. as seen below We love all the support we have had!!! Stay tuned the next step is coming!  Here to updating everyone on what is in the works. We are a grass roots non-profit who is in compliance with the IRS and the state of Missouri