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Welcome to the world of RED A Tribute to Sammy Hagar. Based in St. Louis MO, RED was conceived in 2011 by a group of dedicated local musicians. Our goal is to provide a tribute band to one of the greatest rockers in rock and roll history, Sammy Hagar!

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Well Hungarians® are one of the nation’s hottest acts delivering a “high octane” sound, with over 200 unforgettable dynamic live performances each year! Well Hungarians® have performed for well over 3,000,000 fans since 1993! Performances include great original music as well as country, rock, pop, Motown, and classic cover songs. The band charted four consecutive singles from their very popular album “Sorry “Bout The Mess”, and look to continue that streak with the current album “Bona Fide”

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Madman's Diary Stl. is the Ultimate recreation of Ozzy's musical career and LIVE show! Performing solo Ozzy and Black Sabbath songs! We use era true replica instruments,amps,stage props,costumes and reproduce the sound of Ozzy with conviction.

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Grand Allusion

GRAND ALLISON Grand Allusion - A group of Renegade, Blue Collar Men, in their search to become Superstars, who have formed the ultimate Styx tribute band that will be Rockin' the Paradise at a venue near you. Now we just need you to join us in this celebration so that we can all have The Best of Times. Welcome to the Grand Allusion.

Full House 3

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This hard rockin' metal foursome comes from an extensive background of musical talents. This female fronted group came together with one goal in mind, to pay homage to one of the biggest voices in metal: Ronnie James Dio! Dia is comprised of seasoned, accomplished performers with many individual achievements and awards. This Southern California group is one of the few Dio tributes around.

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St. Louis' Ultimate Tribute to Metal \m//\m//
Calling all Rock N Roll Fanatics - Smokin Hot ...Heart Pounding, Electric Hard Hitting Performances, that you will not forget.
The chemistry in this Band is equal to the love of their fans.
Shows that take them to a world all their own...& they take us right along with them..


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JUST LIKE PRIEST Is Southern California’s tribute to JUDAS PRIEST. They have been paying tribute to the legendary Metal Gods for several years performing at prestigious venues. Performing together for more than a decade, they have evolved into one of the most visually and musically authentic tribute bands anywhere. Highly awarded, these seasoned professionals take their tribute to the highest level replicating the look, feel and sound of the legendary Metal Gods. JUST LIKE PRIEST brings the heavy metal to you … the way it was, is and will always be.

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It has been a long road for Shaman's Harvest filled with moments of triumph alongside challenges that few bands have the strength to overcome. Through it all, the band looks optimistically towards a future with a record that exhibits their strongest, most meaningful recordings to date. Long-time
brothers in arms, they are stronger than ever with enduring souls that never
cease to persevere. Singer Nathan Hunt overcame a bout with cancer while
the band created Smokin' Hearts & Broken Guns, so perhaps fate is now
unequivocally on their side.